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Important Information This is NOT an official statement by ETH but merely a short summary I have uploaded to give you a general overview!

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General Information

Questions Policy

Please ask questions; do not hesitate! How can you ask them?

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{% comment %} ## Homework Information

Every week on Monday a new exercise sheet is released which you should take a look at in groups of 2-3 people (which are assigned by me). The exercises that give bonus points are indicated on the sheet. Note that per group you only hand in one solution and not one solution per team member!

Handing-in the homework is a bit more complicated this semester due to the pandemic. We will need electronic and printed copies of all your homework. Hence, please send me your homework by email to with the subject line AD-HW at latest by 9:15 on Mondays. It would be great if you could also bring a printed version to class, otherwise I will print them in the break. If you also bring a printed version please use the subject line AD-HW-P instead so I know which ones I will have to print and which ones I don’t.

Peer Grading Information

In the last hour of the exercise session your team will be given another teams exercise sheet and will be peer-grading the exercises that give bonus points. If this is done well, your team will be rewarded with another bonus point. Ideally this is done entirely in class, but if not you have time until 23:59 of the same Monday (i.e. the same day). {% endcomment %}

Further Material

During the Semester

For Exam Preparation

Exam Notes

The following is an incomplete list of tips for the exam. They might seem obvious but I believe that following them should make studying a bit more efficient. Though they might not work for everyone!

Let me know by mail if there is anything wrong or if you have any feedback!