David Zollikofer

I am David Zollikofer, an undergraduate Computer Science student at ETH Zürich.

Transforming theoretical ideas into usable software is my passion. I am especially focused on:

  • Programming Languages
  • Machine Learning
  • Combining Economics and Computer Science
  • Algorithms & Theory

Programming background

The following is a non-complete list of languages and frameworks I am experienced with:

  • Professional: Java
  • Advanced: Go, Python, Ruby, LaTex, C, Haskell
  • Intermediate: C#, SQL, TensorFlow, Keras, Assembly (MIPS, x86), C++, Verilog, Scala, JavaScript
  • Beginner: PHP

Contact me

If you have any suggestions or would like to get in touch with me feel free to contact me at david@zollikofer.co
Alternatively you can also send me an email to my ETHZ email address which is zdavid@student.ethz.ch

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