Comments on the "Synthetic Cancer - Augmenting Worms with LLMs" Paper

27 Feb 2024 • Research

About a week ago, Benjamin Zimmerman and I have released the “Synthetic Cancer - Augmenting Worms with LLMs” paper for which we have won the first place at the AI Safety Prize. Throughout the SCSD conference where we presented our work we have been asked a few questions by fellow researchers, journalists as well as the informed public.

Moving from the X1 Carbon 9th Gen running Fedora to a Macbook Pro 14 with M2 Pro

11 Jan 2024 • Reviews

As I will be going to the US for a few months this year, I knew I would not be able to take a huge Desktop PC with me. Hence, I started researching for solutions. The MacBook Pro 14 with M2 Pro seemed like a good fit.

Climate Tracker with Ruuvi Tag

21 Aug 2023 • Programming

As there is currently a heatwave rolling over Switzerland, I wanted to get detailed information on temperature and humidity. While researching some solutions to automatically record these values for multiple places wirelessly, I came across Ruuvi Tags. In the following tutorial I will outline the steps needed to create a Raspberry Pi based temperature, humidity, and air pressure recorder including a nice graphical front-end.

Some Thoughs on the X1 Carbon 9th Gen with Linux

22 Feb 2023 • Reviews

I used to have a Dell XPS 13 developer edition with a 4k screen. I was utterly disappointed with the 3-4h battery life and the weight of the laptop, hence once I saw a good offer for a used Lenovo X1 9th Gen, I couldn’t resist.

Sane Explanation of Change of Bases

20 Feb 2020 • Mathematics

The following is an explanation how changes of bases work in vector spaces with a focus on building intuition.

Implementing a Semaphore in Java

27 Apr 2019 • Programming

Today we will take a glimpse at semaphores and have a look at an implementation based on locks. What is a semaphore? A semaphore is basically a lock that allows multiple processes to enter a critical section at the same time.

Implementation of Sorting Algorithms in Java

5 Feb 2019 • Programming

This document is a list of common sorting algorithms and their implementations in Java. The algorithms have been written by myself. I have tested them with the JUnit tests you can find at the end of this article, however, I do not guarantee that the implementations are 100% correct.

A short proof of Cantor's theorem

31 Oct 2018 • Theory

Cantor’s theorem states that for any set \(S\) we have \(S \preceq \mathcal{P}(S)\) and \(S \nsim \mathcal{P}(S)\). In words this means that the cardinality of \(\mathcal{P}(S)\) is strictly bigger than the cardinality of \(S\). Unlike some of my other posts, this one is strictly mathematical.

Writing a Sudoku Solver in Python

2 Sep 2018 • Programming

Pretty much every free newspaper you find comes with a sudoku puzzle. Depending on the difficulty it might take you a considerable amount of time to solve them. As a result I wanted to write an algorithm which could do that for me within seconds.

Building an API based temperature sensor

15 Aug 2018 • Programming

The goal of this short summary is to explain how you can build a small API based temperature sensor that costs less than 10$ and can be used anywhere. I use this sensor at my office to log the temperature and then display it on a smart dashboard.

Automating Cross Compiling Go Programs on Linux

2 Jul 2018 • Programming

Programs written in Go can be compiled for a variety of different targets. Cross compiling is easy, but takes a lot of effort. In order to automate cross compilation the following Ruby script is built to take that burden off you.